Mercer County Fume and Dust Extraction Arm Systems

Mercer County Industrial exhaust systems are designed to capture smoke, fume, dust, high-temperature air, and corrosive gases. These "pollutants" are ducted to an air cleaner (purification system) before discharge to the outside or returned to the workspace. Capturing air-entrained materials is best accomplished at the emission source, defined as source capture.

Multiple arm designs are available depending on the airstream constituents. The parameters evaluated are temperature, explosivity, corrosiveness, and particulate, all factors determining the type of arm that should be selected for a process application. Matching your expected exhaust volume and arm useage with the required exhaust CFM, pressure loses, and airstream being captured is what we do. SysTech has successfully applied extraction arms for over thirty years and will assist with the correct selection for your process.

Mercer County Fume extraction arms with hoods or suction nozzles are the number one tool to maximize source capture efficiency. They capture the contaminated airstreams while getting close to the source without disrupting or slowing down the work process or collecting too much useable product. When the task or workpiece is difficult to access, in an isolated area, or along awkward points on an assembly line, extraction arms are a proven solution for maximum particulate, smoke, and fume collection.

Mercer County Fume and Dust Extraction Arm Systems
General Purpose Mercer County Industrial Extraction Arm

"General Purpose" Mercer County Industrial Extraction Arm

We label these arms a standard issue because they can be universally applied to most fume and dust extraction applications. The general-purpose arm is suitable for capturing smoke, dust, or any non-corrosive product. They are constructed of smooth powder-coated steel or aluminum tubing, a capture hood with adjustment grips, flex hose joint covers, and external adjustment brackets for the hood and swivel joints. The assemblies come standard with a wall mounting bracket but also have ceiling and floor support brackets available. An internal damper is included for airflow adjustment or shutoff. The arm mounting brackets allow for 180⁰ and 360⁰ rotation. Arm diameter options range from three to ten inches, and arm lengths vary from three to thirty-two feet. The maximum airstream temperature for these arms is about 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features and options:

  • Black hose rated for 195 degrees Fahrenheit (intermittent 260 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • The wall bracket is powder-coated black.
  • Includes duct connection collar
  • An optional fume exhaust fan in aluminum, carbon steel, or PVC.
  • Arm diameters include 3", 4", 5", 6", and 8", and arm lengths include 3', 5', 7', 8', 10', and 14'.
  • A shutoff damper is built into the lower tube.
  • Grab handle around the hood that is aluminum powder-coated black.

Exhaust Fans for Fume Extraction Arms in Mercer County

Industrial exhaust system arms often need a connection to an exhaust fan for isolated applications or when needed for additional static resistance when connecting to an existing duct system. Fan CFM and static pressure must be examined in both cases to maintain system performance. When coupling with an exhaust fan, it should be constructed of similar or compatible materials to the extraction arm.

Cast Aluminum Pressure Blowers

Cast aluminum pressure blowers are typically supplied by manufacturers where there is a non-corrosive airstream. They are light, come in a wide range of designs, are compact, and are AMCA B spark-resistant as standard. Motors are available in single and three-phase TEFC and EXP frames.

Carbon Steel Blowers

If conditions of the airstream are suitable, a carbon steel painted fan is selected in a direct drive arrangement with a horizontal mount configuration that requires minimal space. Steel blowers have the option for AMCA construction up to AMCA A and 304 and 316 SS construction. Motors are available in single and three-phase TEFC and EXP frames.

Industrial Plastic Fume Exhaust Fans

Corrosive environments require materials of construction that will not degrade over time. Plastic construction is misunderstood as fragile, but industrial-grade designs are compatible with the harshest environment. The plastics typically used for construction are PVC or polypropylene (P.P.) and are an excellent choice for the efficient conveyance of corrosive, chemically laden, humid, or polluted gases, fumes, and air. Motors are available in single and three-phase TEFC and EXP frames.

Fume Extraction Arm Exhaust Fans in Mercer County
Mercer County Fume Extraction Arm Optional Accessories

Mercer County Fume Extraction Arm Optional Accessories

Fume extraction arms have optional accessories that include:

Nozzles - To get even closer to source capture, suction nozzles and flexible suction nozzles are available.

Ceiling Mount - For applications where arms are mounted/supported by the ceiling. The ceiling bracket varies in height depending on the height of the hard deck or Unistrut.

Floor Stanchion - When the ceiling is too high, or there are no walls, a floor stanchion can be used to mount the arm.

Custom hoods – To maximize fume capture, standard circular or scoop-shaped hoods can be changed to a slotted design, rectangular, flat, or custom fabricated.

Hood lights – Lights can be attached to the arm hood to provide better vision at the work point. Often used in welding applications.

Tube materials – For those arms using tubing, construction materials include painted steel, aluminum, stainless steel, P.P., or PVC. Extraction arms that use flex hoses can use clear, fire retardant, high temperature, or anti-static hoses.

Wall Mount - A wall bracket designed to mount the arm to any wall or beam within the facility.

Mercer County Laboratory Extraction Arms

The laboratory extraction arm is comprised of thin-wall anodized aluminum tubes with polypropylene swivel joints. A frequent option selection is all polypropylene construction with stainless steel airstream components for highly corrosive airstreams. Additionally, these arms may be constructed of conductive polypropylene material for spark resistance and ATEX-rated explosive applications. Arm tube diameters range from two to four inches, and arm lengths range from two feet up to eight and a half feet. Arms can be paired with a wall or ceiling bracket, several optional hoods, or a suction nozzle. Mercer County Laboratory bench mount arms are an option and are available in three and four-inch diameter tubes up to six feet in length.

  • Arm diameters include 2", 3", and 4", and arm lengths include 25", 30", 39", 45",51", 53", 59", 65", 75", 79", 83", and 104".
  • Various hood options for more efficient source capture include dome hoods, square hoods, flat screen hoods, metal hoods, and suction nozzles.
  • Market-leading low-pressure drop
  • Polypropylene (P.P.), ESD (spark forming applications), and ATEX (combustible applications) options are available.
  • Wall brackets, ceiling brackets, and table mount brackets are available.
  • Optional fume exhaust fans in aluminum, carbon steel, or PVC.
Mercer County Laboratory Extraction Arms

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    Mercer County Weld Fume Extraction Arm

    Mercer County Weld Fume Extraction Arm

    The demand for weld smoke extraction arms is always high and mandates an arm category. Depending on the application, different designs use either smooth wall or flex hose tubing. Both designs use external positioning joints and a hood with an internal adjustable damper. The units are typically wall-mounted but have ceiling and floor support bracket options. Arm diameter options range from six to eight inches, and arm lengths vary from three feet up to thirty-six feet. Personal weld fume packages include a single extraction arm, exhaust fan, and air filter.

    • Optional fume exhaust fans in aluminum, carbon steel, or PVC.
    • Shut off dampers built internally.
    • Low-pressure drop
    • Arm diameters include 3", 4", 5", 6", and 8", and arm lengths include 3', 5', 7', 8', 10', 14', 16', 23', 30', and 36'.
    • Standard units include a wall bracket. Ceiling mount options are available.

    Mercer County County Fume Extraction Arms

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