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“Fume Extraction Arms have many Industrial Ventilation System Advantages”

Industrial fume & dust extraction arms are used in a wide range of industrial manufacturing processes.  There are many configurations for this ventilation system “add-on” that make them ideal for maximum source capture efficiency. 

An extraction arm is designed to capture contaminants at the source. This source-capture method ensures that dust, smoke, fumes, and other harmful contaminants don’t become suspended in the air. The articulating movement of the extraction arm allows it to be extremely efficient at source capture because it can be positioned as close as possible to the source which can’t be done with a standard overhead hood. Also, the arm can be positioned in various ways which allow for very little interference to the process or operator. This is favorable over a stationary hood that might be installed too far away to be efficient and susceptible to cross draft interference.

Fume Extraction Arms

Industrial fume extraction arms with smooth tube sections, flex joints, hood adjustment ring, and spring positioners.

Features of Fume Extraction Arms


Fume extraction arms offer great versatility. They can be mounted on walls, ceilings, floor stanchions, or benchtops. They’re capable of 360-degree rotation, allowing for a vast working radius. They can be placed at a specific capture point or conveniently moved between work points. 


Whether you’re looking to use the extractor for a specific contaminent or use it in a specific-sized duct, many options are available. Various arm diameters ranging from 2” diameter up to 10” allow for a plethora of arm options in various lengths.  Hanging, standing and telescopic extraction arms are three common types. Besides mounting options, there are an array of accessories for arms like various arm hoses and arm hoods. 



Industrial fume and dust extraction arms are designed to withstand abrasive particles, handle heavy dust loading, and also heavy usage. The external joints and friction plates of the arms keep them securely in place. Options are available for corrosion-resistant hoses for highly corrosive applications.

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