Industrial Applications Using Extraction Arms

“Dust and Fume Extraction Arms Minimize the Need for Makeup Air”

Welding school booth with fume arm

IAP welding fume extraction arms for individual welding booths at a technical training school.

Welding School Fume Exhaust System

Industrial fume extraction arms are designed to be easily maneuvered by operators into position and extract contaminated air from a worker’s breathing zone. The arms are durable, self-supporting, and virtually maintenance free. Fume extraction arms and snorkels vary in diameter based upon air volume from 3” to 8”. Arms range in length from 5’ to 14’ and are equipped with a dust extraction hood. This application included fifteen (15) 6” diameter extraction arms that were tied into a centralized dust collection system at a welding training school.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Manufacturing

Fume arms in cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments are ideal for small batch processes where particulate is light, and exhaust airflow requirements are minimal. These Movex grounded polypropylene arms are carbon-impregnated and grounded for ATEX usage on potentially explosive vapors and dust. The arms are inclusive with bell-shaped hoods and their design allows them to stretch across most areas of the drum filling production suites keeping the nuisance dust and vapors at a minimum level. The non-grounded version of the arms is available in white polypropylene as well as aluminum tube versions.

Laboratory extraction arm

Laboratory fume extraction arm covering an 8 -foot working radius.

Extraction arms used on an assembly line

Multiple dust extraction arms allow assembly line operators to control the amount of airborne material being collected.

Multiple Work Station Fume Control

The flexibility and adaptability of our clients to maintain clean work environments are remarkable. This application used IAP industrial hanging fume arms in a manufacturing processing line with multiple workstations. Multiple stations with dedicated extraction arms allowed each operator to position their individual hood in ways to capture the most contaminants during the process which improved everyone’s working environment. The arms were used to capture fume, smoke, and additional heat generated during the brazing application. Contaminants were drawn back to a centralized dust collector, also supplied by SysTech, along with a fan and fan silencer.

Weld Training Technical School

Welding has for a long time used fume arms for source capture fume control and has more applications worldwide than all other arm applications. The arm’s flexibility to get close to the workpiece, firmly position the arm in place and move the arm to multiple positions to capture fume and smoke is universally accepted. This application was for twelve welding stations for a technical training school fume exhaust ventilation system. This ventilation project included a cartridge dust collector, duct, fan, silencer, and controls.

Welding booth setup with fume arm

Typical welding booth with Movex weld smoke extraction arm.

Dust extraction arms layout before project startup

Food application where the collection of airborne products is controlled by individual source capture dust extraction arms.

Airborne Food Ingredients Manufacturing

This photo was taken during the construction phase of a dust collection system installation designed to capture airborne food ingredients. The four extraction arms (stainless steel not required for this application) will be used to capture fugitive dust created at four workstations along the process’s ingredient batching and weighing operations. Arms for this application had tube sections with internal support and flex material at the joints; in addition to the arms, a dust collector, isolation flap valve, exhaust fan, and outlet silencer.

Airborne Animal Food Powder Containment

A custom extraction arm was required for capturing dust from handling various food powders. The client requested an extraction arm for their bag dumping operation requiring limited space without process interference. Unfortunately, most arm lengths are a standard size, and space is needed to reposition the arm outside the work area. Our smaller arm would have reached the collection area, but our long arm interfered with the process when folded. We supplied a custom arm that combined arm segments from a Model PR 2000 arm and a Model PR 3000 arm to meet the customer’s requirements.

Custom fume extraction arm design

A tight working area is ideal for a custom-designed fume extraction arm.