Associated Equipment

“Equipment associated with Fume Extraction Arms”

Donaldson Torit Portable Dust Collector with Fume Extraction Arm

Donalson Torit portable dust collector with bench mounted extraction arm.

Portable Dust Collectors

Fume arms can be added to centralized dust collection systems with ductwork, but in smaller intermittent applications handling non-combustible dust, they can also be installed directly on top of portable dust collectors. Portable dust collectors with extraction arms are ideal for applications where the unit might be used in multiple areas with single or double source capture arms. The portability allows the unit to be used in various areas as needed, and the source capture arms eliminate the need for any ductwork.

Cincinnati Fan Fume Exhaust Blower

Exhaust fans are the heart of a ventilation system. If the airstream doesn’t require filtration, a Cincinnati Fan Model PB fan can be used to extract the dirty air from the source and exhaust it into the atmosphere. The fan size is determined by the suction airflow requirement and static pressure of the system. Cincinnati PB blowers are available in aluminum and multiple steel options (carbon steel, 316 stainless, and 304 stainless). The aluminum construction comes standard with AMCA B spark resistance. If the airstream is corrosive, fiberglass or polypropylene PB-type fans are also available. Additional accessories like flanges, drain with plug, and no-loss stacks can be added.

Cincinnati Fan Model PB Pressure Blowers

Cincinnati Fans are used for single or multiple extraction arm systems.