Fume & Dust Extraction Arms in San Francisco, CA

“Source Capture Ventilation For San Francisco Facilities”

Source capture technology is used across many industries in San Francisco, CA, to maintain a clean, safe, and breathable workspace. SysTech Design is a trusted provider of fume and dust extraction arms in San Francisco, CA. We work with laboratories, industrial manufacturers, welding shops, schools, and other local production facilities, providing personalized ventilation solutions that address their unique needs and challenges. Our extraction arms capture dust, fumes, and smoke at their point of origin, mitigating the risk of hazardous airborne contaminants. We stock a diverse selection of fume and dust extraction arms with varying specifications to suit different operational environments. With almost 40 years in the business, SysTech Design can help you choose the ideal fume or dust extraction arm for your San Francisco facility.

Weld Fume Extraction Arms in Chicago, IL

San Francisco, CA Cleanroom Extraction Arms

SysTech Design provides cleanroom extraction arms in San Francisco, CA. These extraction arms are specifically designed to be used in controlled sterile environments where contamination is the primary concern. Our cleanroom extraction arms feature a stainless steel exterior surface with a flexible hose that is easy to clean and maintain. To further accommodate routine cleanings, they consist of very few components, enabling rapid disassembly when necessary.

Featuring a food-grade certified hose and gas spring, our cleanroom extraction arms in San Francisco, CA, are suitable for use in the production and processing of food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. Contact us today to discuss your needs with our customer support team.

Welding Fume Extraction Arms in San Francisco, CA

Metal workshops, technical schools, and manufacturing facilities commonly use weld fume extraction arms to protect their workers from hazardous emissions. SysTech supplies welding fume extraction arms in San Francisco, CA, helping businesses maintain compliance with local and federal regulations. These systems provide source capture for welding fumes, minimizing exhausted airflow and improving ventilation. Our extraction arms are flexible, allowing operators to easily position them around their workspace. This adaptability ensures precise positioning regardless of the orientation of your workpiece.

Customers can choose from a variety of hose dimensions, arm lengths, mounting options, and resistant coatings when purchasing a welding fume extraction arm in San Francisco, CA. Click the button below to learn more about customization.

San Francisco, CA Welding Fume Extraction Arms
San Francisco, CA Laboratory Extraction Arms

Laboratory Extraction Arms in San Francisco, CA

Laboratory extraction arms provide source capture ventilation in research institutions, school chemistry labs, medical labs, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and other similar environments. Air quality control is a critical consideration in processes that produce vapors, fumes, odors, and other potential contaminants. SysTech Design supplies laboratory extraction arms in San Francisco, CA, helping local businesses protect their workers. These arms are available in eight standard lengths and 2”, 3”, or 4” diameter tubes. Our sales team can assist you in selecting the right specifications for your operational needs. San Francisco customers can also purchase additional accessories including:

  • Suction nozzles
  • Metal hoods
  • Dome hoods
  • Shovel hoods
  • Flat screen hoods