Orange County, CA Fume & Dust Extraction Arms

“Source Capture Air Quality Control”

Many industries require source capture ventilation systems to prevent dust, fumes, and smoke from entering circulation. SysTech supplies fume and dust extraction arms in Orange County, CA, providing enhanced air quality control for industrial manufacturers, laboratories, welding shops, and other workspaces. With the addition of a fume or dust extraction arm, you can limit the spread of contaminant and create a safer operational environment.

Our extraction arms in Orange County, CA, come in various configurations to suit the unique needs of every client. Whether you are capturing weld fumes, chemical vapors, or particulate matter, SysTech can provide you with a tailored ventilation solution. Through an initial consultation, we will discuss the desired qualities of your fume or dust extraction arm. Contact us today to speak with a ventilation specialist serving the Orange County community.

Fume and Dust Extraction Arms We Offer in Orange County, CA

Industrial Extraction Arms

Welding Extraction Arms

Laboratory Extraction Arms

Cleanroom Extraction Arms

ATEX-Rated Extraction Arms

Weld Fume Extraction Arms in Orange County, CA

Weld Fume Extraction Arms in Orange County, CA

Welding processes emit toxic fumes that contain a variety of gases and microscopic metals. Both acute and prolonged exposure to welding fumes can have detrimental health effects. SysTech offers weld fume extraction arms in Orange County, CA, helping to control these byproduct emissions. Our weld fume extraction arms are customizable with various options for fume hoods, arm lengths, and resistant coatings. These arms feature flexible articulation, enabling precise positioning for direct source capture above the welding arc.

Orange County facilities that utilize weld fume extraction arms include:

  • Metal workshops
  • Technical schools
  • Manufacturing plants that involve welding, soldering, machining, and metal fabrication. 

Orange County, CA Laboratory Extraction Arms

Laboratory applications often produce gases and particulates that can be hazardous when inhaled. These pollutants must be extracted and safely stored to maintain a safe operational environment and prevent cross-contamination. We offer a wide selection of laboratory fume and dust extraction arms in Orange County, CA, that capture dust and fumes as they are produced, preventing them from becoming airborne. Our laboratory extraction arms in Orange County, CA, can be securely mounted to benchtops, ceilings, or other surfaces, depending on the needs of your facility. Various hood options are available for capturing different emissions.

Laboratory extraction arms are used in:

  • Research laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Medical laboratories
  • School laboratories 

Laboratory Extraction Arms in Orange County, CA
Orange County, CA Cleanroom Extraction Arms

Cleanroom Extraction Arms in Orange County, CA

If your facility has strict hygienic requirements, you may need specialized ventilation equipment that suits these sterile conditions. SysTech offers a solution with food-grade certified cleanroom extraction arms in Orange County, CA. These extraction arms are designed to accommodate routine cleanings, featuring minimal attachments and quick hose release. With of a non-porous, stainless steel exterior, our cleanroom extraction arms maintain a clean surface that is both chemical-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Our team will consult with your Orange County facility to ensure your cleanroom extraction arm is compliant with industry standards and regulations. Options are available for explosion proof arms as rated and defined by ATEX.

Orange County industries that utilize cleanroom extraction arms include:

  • Pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals
  • Hospital & healthcare facilities
  • Food processing
  • Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Medical cannabis