Chicago, IL Fume & Dust Extraction Arms

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Extraction arms are used throughout various industries to limit exposure to airborne contaminants. These devices work by capturing fume and dust particulates at their source, using a negative air exhaust fan to direct them outside, to an exhaust duct, or toward a filtration unit or dust collector. SysTech offers a variety of industrial fume and dust extraction arms for welding shops, schools, laboratories, or food manufacturers in Chicago, IL.

The design of each extraction arm lends itself to specific operational environments, featuring different materials, tube diameters and lengths, mounting options, airstream constituents, and other design parameters. SysTech provides a tailored solution for every industrial application. Contact us today to discuss your industrial fume, smoke, and dust extraction arms needs in Chicago, IL.

Fume and Dust Extraction Arms We Offer in Chicago, IL

Industrial Extraction Arms

Welding Extraction Arms

Laboratory Extraction Arms

Cleanroom Extraction Arms

ATEX-Rated Extraction Arms

Weld Fume Extraction Arms in Chicago, IL

Extraction arms for weld smoke are often a staple in metalworking and assembly industries to minimize direct exposure to airborne contaminants and the collection of “blue haze” at the ceiling or rafters. These arms have optional hoods, lengths, and airflow to maximize the capture of fumes and smoke at their source. An exhaust fan conveys the fume and smoke to an air filter or remotely located dust collector.

SysTech offers a variety of industrial fume, smoke, and dust extraction arms for manufacturing in Chicago, IL. SysTech provides a design layout for each application to ensure maximum capture is achieved. Contact us today to discuss your industrial fume and dust extraction arms requirements in Chicago, IL.

Laboratory Extraction Arms in Chicago, IL

Laboratory settings often require the use of fume extraction systems to capture emissions before they become airborne. Our laboratory fume extraction arms in Chicago, IL, capture particulate matter, gases, aerosol, and contaminated airflow as they are produced. Laboratory fume extraction arms provide source capture capabilities and can be mounted on the ceiling, tabletop, or another out-of-the-way location.  

These extraction arms are available with tubes of 2”, 3”, and 4” diameters, with optional hoods and lengths, depending on the needs of your Chicago laboratory. The aerodynamic joint of laboratory extraction arms guarantees a low-pressure drop for secure capture. SysTech supplies specific design options for laboratories for corrosion, explosion, or anti-static environments.

Chicago, IL Cleanroom Extraction Arms

Manufacturing facilities in Chicago, IL, sometimes incorporate cleanrooms to prevent cross-contamination of their products. These controlled environments require specific equipment that accommodates the stringent standards of their operations. SysTech provides cleanroom extraction arms in Chicago, IL, tailored to these facilities’ unique needs. 

Our cleanroom-certified extraction arms are made from a corrosion-resistant stainless steel support structure and food grade, anti-static hose that prevents cross-contamination and ensures compliance with purity standards. These extraction arms feature a fully sealed profile with quick connectors for easy disassembly and maintenance. Cleanroom extraction arms are food-grade certified and Explosion-ATEX-rated, making them suitable for many manufacturing environments. Get in touch with our office today to speak with our team regarding cleanroom extraction arms in Chicago, IL.